Best Aerial Photography of Surf City Pier NC Prints for Sale
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Best Aerial Photography of Surf City Pier NC Prints for Sale

Surf City Fishing Pier

Built in 1948 , and has been operated by the same family since 1973.

I have been visiting this amazing iconic structure on Topsail Island since the early 80's. Photographing its weathered wood & cathedral like ceilings over the past 10 years. Surf City Pier has truly been a great inspiration in my growth as a professional photographer. I have personally felt a close relationship with this amazing beauty often finding myself with long moments of peaceful meditation with the ocean sounds crashing against its pilings. I call it "Surf Church".

You will know exactly what I am talking about if you were to take a walk underneath its old historic structure and spend some time there.

Folks say that this fishing pier is one of the most photographed locations on Topsail Island. I have to agree with this claim. I know it is one of my favorite locations on the beach to take sunrise & sunset photos of.

This particular Aerial Photo of Surf City Pier is super special to me. Why you ask? Well take a close look at that emerald green water! Simply Amazing! The best time I have had the most success in taking aerial photography was on days when the humidity is low. With a little luck you might discover a rare one of a kind day when the ocean just seems to be so calm and clear, that you think you were in the Bahamas.

Some of the little details of this image when i first downloaded it from my camera , got me all excited! The clarity of the bait buckets floating on top of the ocean. To seeing the fishing line on the anchor rods that are used for king fishermen at the end of the Surf City Pier. I knew this photograph was going to be one of my favorites. If you are seeking a one of a kind photo for your beach house or adding to the atmosphere of your beach home. Then you must add this to your collection of wall art representing a part of history of Topsail Island. You won't be disappointed.

Location: 112 South Shore Dr Surf City NC 28445.