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  • Black & white photographic artwork canvas of Frisco Pier
  • Contrasty image with lots of details & clarity
  • Storcloud formation in the background adds to the mood of this image

Outer Banks "Abandoned Frisco"

  • Frisco Pier of the Cape Hatteras shoreline has  been accailmed as one of the most photographed piers on the Outer Banks.  The pier was abandoned in 2008.  Standing the test of time with hurricanes and the touch of mother nature. She still stood tall & proud.  Built in 1962, Also known as Cape Hatteras Pier she was a favored fishing & surfing spot to many generations. 

    I feel priviledged to have been able to photograph the Frisco Pier and create works of art with my photography over the last years it remained standing. I have several images, that are archived in my studio. I will share a few here on this storefront to the public.  Hope you enjoy. Long Live the Frisco Pier.

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