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  • Discover the essence of the Camino de Santiago As you wear this pendant, feel the weight of its significance against your chest—a tangible reminder of the unity, perseverance, and personal transformation experienced along the sacred path. Let its shimmering surface reflect the courage and determination within you, igniting a spark of adventure that will forever connect you to the profound spirit of the Camino de Santiago. I have personally been pondering the creation of this pendant for over a decade now. From my travels as a professional destination wedding photographer, treasure seeker of lost treasure from Spainish fleets along the coast. With my adventure spirit and special interests in the arts,and incredible craftsmenship of Old Europe buildings, steel structured bridges,that today are called modern marvels.. I feel proud that I can finally share with you this wonderful pendant creation that i feel is now ready to share with you!. Trust me when I say that every curve and contour is brought to life with love, and intention.


  •  Meticulously crafted from .925 silver 


  • The allure of the silver pendant deepens as you turn it over to discover a beautifully smooth surface on its back, offering an opportunity for personalization and engraving. This blank canvas invites you to etch your own heartfelt message, a secret inscription that resonates with your personal journey along the Camino de Santiago. Whether it's a profound mantra, a whispered prayer, or a cherished name, this space becomes a cherished sanctuary for your most intimate thoughts and emotions. As the engraving takes form, it becomes an indelible mark, forever embedded in the pendant, an intimate reminder of the transformative power of the pilgrimage. I personally do not create any personal etching / engraving. I I have only provided the surface for you to have this done by a service provider of your choice.This personal touch makes the pendant uniquely yours, allowing you to carry a tangible embodiment of your individual story, your triumphs, and your aspirations as you continue to walk the sacred path.


  •  Does not come with silver chain. It will ship with a black cord ready to wear. This allows you the freedom to select the perfect chain to complement its unique beauty. Whether you choose to wear it yourself or gift it to another, this pendant serves as a remarkable symbol of individuality and exploration. Does not come with silver chain. It will ship with a black cord ready to wear. 

Silver Pendant Jewelry of Camino de Santiago

    • Pendant Only
    • Pendant Only
    • Your order will include a Pendant Only
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