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  • Ocean Healing Series " Intentional Wave Blur"
  • Soft Pastel colors blending into blues, pinks, aquamarine colors.
  • Relaxes the spirit almost immediatly. 
  • Calming vibes for your coastal home yoga retreat living space.
  • Available Limited Edition Framed by Artist.  Ask me how!

"Soothing Woosh"

  • As I am sitting here writing these words for you, thinking about this particular artwork imagery. It somehow finds a gateway to your heart that inspires peace and calm.  I cannot explain it. I know this for sure, that it will change the atmosphere of your home, promoting a sense of wellness.  Who could not use more of that in our lives to share with others.  I hope that you can spend some time with this image.  Just gazing into the waves movement crashing on the shore. 

    • Limited Edition Framed by Artist Available. 
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