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Whenever folks see this image in large format at Autumn with Topsail art festival. They Gasp!!  The question always is, are those colors real in the ocean?  YES!  Its the real deal. This image is a true gem for any art collector of Topsail Island.  Will add to any beach cottage atmosphere. 


The Surf City Fishing Pier was first built in the 1940s as a simple wooden structure that provided access to prime fishing spots in the Atlantic Ocean. Throughout the years, the pier underwent several renovations and expansions to enhance its facilities and accommodate the growing number of visitors drawn to Topsail Island's pristine beaches.

Hurricanes and storms have tested the resilience of the Surf City Fishing Pier multiple times, leading to occasional damage and reconstruction efforts by the community. Despite these challenges, the pier has always bounced back, demonstrating the enduring spirit of Topsail Island's residents and its significance as a beloved local landmark.


For artists and creatives, the Surf City Fishing Pier offers an exceptional muse. Its picturesque setting against the backdrop of the vast ocean, captivating sunrises, and stunning sunsets create an enchanting scene that has inspired numerous paintings, photographs, and other artworks. The pier's weathered wood, fishing activity, and panoramic views offer a wealth of artistic possibilities for capturing the essence of Topsail Island's coastal allure.

Incorporating Topsail Island artwork into various forms, local artists celebrate the rich history and natural beauty of the Surf City Fishing Pier. From traditional oil paintings to contemporary digital art, these creative expressions showcase the pier's significance as a cultural icon and a source of inspiration for those who hold a special connection to Topsail Island.

Surf City Pier Aerial View

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