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As she walks along the route, she encounters a variety of landscapes, from rolling hills to rocky terrain, as well as charming villages with colorful vistas and historic landmarks. The journey is physically challenging, but the hiker finds strength and resilience within herself, learning to trust her own abilities and push past her limitations.



  • Available in  5x7 , 8x10 , 11x14 
  • Watermark will be removed!
  • Please  Double click on the  MAIN image above the thumbnails to view the two sizes available and cropping factor prior to ordering.
  • Vibrant Colors, Abstract shapes and Blending with various focus planes. 
  • "Inquire about our range of size options for custom printing."
  • High Quality Prints. No B.S.  Fugi Pearl Papers
  • Some Slight Cropping may occur for certain sizes!

"The Path to Inner Peace"


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